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Season of KDE 2021 Report


Season of KDE 2021 Status Report

This year I participated SoK as mentor for KWeather and Kalk. Now the work has been done, let me sum up the new features we bring to the projects.


When the project name is KWeather, the actual code is committed to KWeatherCore, a Weather library. We decided to add weather alerts functionality to KWeatherCore, possibly easing the difficulty later if we want to develop a weather alerts daemon.

The data source is from metroelogy institutes around the world. Most of them provide CAP protocol for alerts. So the main goal is to write two parsers, one for CAP feed parsing and other for the CAP parsing. Anjani Kumar finished classes representing CAP feed entry and CAP message, as well as the CAP parser. Nikunj Goyal is supposed to work on feed parser and some of the daemon code. But due to various reasons, he wrote the AlertManager class which is an utility class. I wrote the feed parser and finished most of the documentation.

Since the lack of man hours, we weren’t able to finish the promised daemon. However the library is working as expected. We use config files (in json format) to avoid hardcoding different formats of CAP feed. So in the future we can support more countries without edit our code (and releasing new library version).


Kalk is calculator for Plasma Mobile, this SoK we’re bringing binary mode to it.

Though as simple as the project name suggests, in the middle of the SoK we decided to switch from primitive double type to GMP and MPFR for our base type. Thankfully we’re using Bison/Flex for our math engine so swithing to multi-precision big number type doesn’t require use to rewrite Kalk again, wrapper classes still needs to be created. We re-used Knumber from KCalc. Since it’s a in-source library for KCalC, and lacking some helper functions Kalk needs, it has been copied to Kalk and modified since. Rohan Asokan wrote binary number type wrapper for Knumber (though later reverted because of preference for native GMP/MPFR binary <-> string converting functions), and math engine supports simple binary calculations. He also managed to add UI for binary calculator using Kirigami.

Date calculator was originally planned, but I decided to drop it eventually. Kalk is a simple calculator, I don’t want it to be bloat. Rohan Asokan did have a prototype for it though.

Kalk Binary Mode

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