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KClock First Release


KClock v0.1 released

With the official release of Plasma 5.20 today, we tagged KClock v0.1. Being the first release of KClock, we’ve spent months tried to provide the default clock app for Plasma Mobile you’d expected. World clock Timers list

Features summary

How the internal works

To make sure the KClock knows when to ring the alarm, a daemon called KClockd was born and set to running in background at start. KClockd talks with PowerDevil to remind it wakes up the system even if the device is in suspend mode. However as an end user, you typically don’t interact with KClockd. KClock does that for you.

This server/client mode saves resource which is scarce on mobile device. When you quit KClock, all the resource is freed. And separate design also brings flexibility, we could change the UI or re-factor the daemon without breaking the other parts. What’s more, third party widgets/applets for alarm management is possible too!

More than app

Several plasmoids are shipped with KClock, offer basic functionality without launching KClock itself. Add one by long pressing the home screen and drag the plasmoid to the place you like. Plasmoid on pinephone

Some things to know

As of the time this post was written, one issue still exists. Even though it isn’t a problem in KClock, it’s important.

Due to the issues about QMultiMedia, alarm ringtone won’t be played. Notification sounds for timers works as expected since it’s not played by QMediaPlayer. While this heavily affects the usability of KClock, there is nothing we can do about it. Be optimistic though, it worked before XD.

Bug reports, suggestions

If you encounted any bugs, or have any ideas, feature requests, feel free to open an issue in our KDE gitlab instance project page.

For general talks about plasma-mobile, reach us via Plasma Mobile matrix room: #plasmamobile:kde.org

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